CNC Machining Overview

All of our Dies are manufactured using state of the art multi-axis CNC machining centers to ensure accuracy and repeatability throughout the machining process. With high-speed on-board computers performing the machine program executions, efficiency is maximized, allowing us to do it faster for less!

We can work from a variety of digital formats including Para-solid, DXF, IGES, DWG, STEP, and SolidWorks, as well as traditional blueprints. If you have archive drawings that you would like to convert to digital format, our engineering design staff can accommodate you. We believe quality is not inspected into a product, it’s built in!

Equipment List

  • HAAS VF-4SS Vertical Machining Center, X: 50” x Y: 20” x Z: 25” travel
  • HAAS VF-3 Vertical Machining Center, X: 40” x Y: 20” x Z: 25” travel
  • HAAS VF-2 Vertical Machining Center, X: 30” x Y: 16” x Z: 20” travel
  • Design Software: SolidWorks Professional
  • Programming Software: SolidCAM Professional